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Pre-Cana and the Future of Marriage Prep

Marriage always seems to be in the news. We are enamored with celebrity marriages. We smile when we hear about a couple who is celebrating their sixtieth or seventieth wedding anniversary. And our culture is now debating the very meaning of marriage. As one who cares deeply about the health of my own marriage—and about […]


New York Parish Revived by Eastern-rite Catholics

Earlier this week, a particular headline caught my eye.  It announced that a closed parish in Yonkers, New York is reopening as an Eastern-rite Catholic Church serving an Indian congregation. This reminds me of my visit to the multicultural United Kingdom this past November, during which I heard a similar story: Catholic parishes that had closed, or […]


Roles for Women in the Church

In light of what we have recently been hearing from Pope Francis regarding certain aspects of the Church’s life, the issue of the role of women in the Catholic Church will surely continue to be in the news. In the past week, I have seen saw three articles and a video that spoke of issues […]

New US Nuncio Is a Veteran Vatican Diplomat

You may be dreaming of your own retirement, and it may be years in the future or just around the bend. In the Church, there are mandatory ages for retirement when it comes to certain jobs. One very important retirement just happened—the retirement of US Nuncio Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, who Pope Benedict appointed in 2011. […]


Justin Trudeau Seeks to Legalize Euthanasia in Canada

For several European countries—the Netherlands and Belgium especially—legalized euthanasia has increased, and by now, many of us are realizing that the same pattern may be in the cards for the United States and for Canada. As reported yesterday by the New York Times, Canada seems to have gone further down this road, and Canadian bishops and […]

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An Introduction

One of the most beautiful things about human beings is our infinite curiosity and insatiate desire to understand the world around us. This curiosity is why we develop formulas to calculate the forces of nature. It’s why we organize complex taxonomies to categorize the millions of species in the natural world. And it’s why we […]