Articles that fall into this category touch on the Church as Mystical Communion, as referenced in Cardinal Dulles’ “Models of the Church.”


What’s a Catholic to Make of Polyamory?

In 2010, TLC premiered Sister Wives, a show featuring a modern polygamist family. It stars a man and his four wives, with whom he had eighteen children. The show became very popular and ran for eight seasons over the course of four years, showing…
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Does the Future Hold a Digital Revolution?

Hi everyone. Due to several recent talks that required preparation, and the trips that came with them, I’ve been away from the blog for the past several weeks. I’m glad to be back. I recently entered the realm of having four teenagers,…

Outdoor Weddings and the Theology of Encounter

In an effort to integrate young Catholic couples into the parish community and educate them in the Faith, Bishop George Leo Thomas of the Diocese of Helena has decided to allow some weddings to take place at suitable outdoor locations, provided…

Catholics, Tribes, and the 2016 Election

You are scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed, and you see a political post from an old college friend. Turned off at what you perceive to be a severely biased or untrue claim, you hover over the tiny arrow in the right-hand corner of the…
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CARA Issues Another Excellent Report

If you are intrigued by trends, care about the current state of the Church, and seek to understand where things might be headed, you should know about the Center for Applied Research of the Apostolate, popularly known as CARA. For more than…
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A New Type of Seminarian?

It’s now a little more than three years since the world was introduced to Pope Francis. It has been a fascinating, engaging and, at times, somewhat bumpy ride for many. The world’s increased interest level in the Catholic Church because…

New York Parish Revived by Eastern-rite Catholics

Earlier this week, a particular headline caught my eye.  It announced that a closed parish in Yonkers, New York is reopening as an Eastern-rite Catholic Church serving an Indian congregation. This reminds me of my visit to the multicultural…