Articles that fall into this category touch on the Church as Herald, as referenced in Cardinal Dulles’ “Models of the Church.”


Pope Francis, Meet Facebook

You may have heard that Pope Francis recently met with Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, and his wife, Priscilla Chan. While many news sources covered this meeting, The Atlantic published a thoughtful essay on the event that I encourage…

Reaching Various Catholic Groups with the Gospel

As a Church, we need to always live in the realm of what is “real and true,” including how we need carry out our evangelization efforts so that all Catholics are impacted by the message of the Gospel. To help in this assessment and planning,…

Outdoor Weddings and the Theology of Encounter

In an effort to integrate young Catholic couples into the parish community and educate them in the Faith, Bishop George Leo Thomas of the Diocese of Helena has decided to allow some weddings to take place at suitable outdoor locations, provided…
Opioid Epidemic

An Epidemic of Despair

In the past six months, several research studies have been published indicating that the opioid epidemic that has been devastating communities across the country has had a significant impact on mortality rates among non-Hispanic whites between…

Are Muslims Converting to Christianity in Europe?

Much has been said lately about the long-term impact that mass migration to Europe from Muslim majority countries may have. What few people seem to know is that there is growing evidence of conversions to Christianity on the part of Muslims…

Chicago Archdiocese Announces Parental Leave Policy

The Archdiocese of Chicago recently did something bold: It announced a decision that it will now offer twelve weeks of paid leave and twelve weeks of unpaid leave to both mothers and fathers employed by the archdiocese. If both parents are archdiocesan…