Articles that fall into this category touch on the Church as Sacrament, as referenced in Cardinal Dulles’ “Models of the Church.”


What’s a Catholic to Make of Polyamory?

In 2010, TLC premiered Sister Wives, a show featuring a modern polygamist family. It stars a man and his four wives, with whom he had eighteen children. The show became very popular and ran for eight seasons over the course of four years, showing…

Where the “Economy of Sex” Might Lead

Recently, I came across an interesting video, The Economics of Sex, produced by the Austin Institute for Marriage and Culture. The video was released in 2014, and it received a good amount of attention from both conservative and liberal media…
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A New Type of Seminarian?

It’s now a little more than three years since the world was introduced to Pope Francis. It has been a fascinating, engaging and, at times, somewhat bumpy ride for many. The world’s increased interest level in the Catholic Church because…
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An Introduction

One of the most beautiful things about human beings is our infinite curiosity and insatiate desire to understand the world around us. This curiosity is why we develop formulas to calculate the forces of nature. It’s why we organize complex…