Speaking for General Audiences

Since he was nineteen years old, Matthew Pinto has been on a journey to help other Catholics awaken to the beauty, richness, and excitement of the lived Catholic Faith. When presenting to general Catholic audiences, Matt speaks from his life experience as a Catholic “revert,” business owner, husband, and father of six. Relatable and engaging, Matt provides his audiences with easy-to-digest Catholic teaching, practical tips, and inspiring stories. Here are just a few of his most popular presentations developed for general audiences:

“The Gift of Being Catholic"

In today’s pluralistic world, people practice a variety of faiths or no faith at all, and it is easy for Catholics to lose sight of the particular blessing they enjoy as members of the Church.  In this upbeat, positive talk, Matt presents the beautiful and sublime gift that Jesus gave the world when he established his Church upon the apostles. From the grace offered us through its sacraments to the truths of Sacred Scripture and Tradition, the Catholic Faith gives us a truly balanced, correct view of the world and God’s profound plan of salvation. You will come away from this presentation proud to be Catholic, with a sense of duty to share this great gift with others.

“Shrewd and Without Blame: Being an Effective and Virtuous Catholic Business Leader”

Jesus tells his followers to be as “shrewd as serpents and as innocent as doves (Matthew 10:16), but often times Christians focus on the latter part of this command while forgetting the former. In this presentation, business owner and CEO Matthew Pinto explains how Catholic business leaders can live both elements of Christ’s command by developing Christian virtue alongside business acumen and healthy opportunism. He also explains how Catholic humanism avoids both the extreme of idolizing the material world and the extreme of despising the material world.  Using the Parable of the Talents, Matt explains why it is virtuous to use our time, talent, treasure—and even secular business principles and practices—for the sake of the Kingdom.

“The Afterlife: What We Know About Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory”

Do we become angels after we die? Can ghosts of our loved ones contact us from the “other side?” What are heaven and hell like? In this fascinating presentation, Matthew Pinto answers these questions and more, sharing the teachings of Scripture, the Catholic Church, and many great Saints on the provocative topics of heaven, hell, and purgatory. Matt contends that most Catholics seem both fascinated yet also remarkably uninterested in the topic of the afterlife, and that the average Catholic seems to spend little time thinking about the topic in relation to his or her own life. Audience members will leave this presentation feeling equipped to respond to common misconceptions about Catholic teaching on the afterlife and inspired to prepare their hearts to meet Christ face-to-face.

"Passing on the Faith to Your Family: Practical Helps and Hopes for Raising Children in the Church”

Few questions burn more in the hearts of Catholic parents than this one: “How can I effectively pass on the Faith to my children?”  In this inspiring talk, Catholic author and speaker Matthew Pinto offers his insights on this question, drawing on his more than twenty years of pastoral ministry and his experience as the father of six children.  Focusing on practical solutions, Matt’s message will inform and inspire parents and educators with hope—and will help them navigate the often-challenging waters through which we and our children are sailing today.

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