Pope Francis, Meet Facebook

You may have heard that Pope Francis recently met with Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, and his wife, Priscilla Chan. While many news sources covered this meeting, The Atlantic published a thoughtful essay on the event that I encourage…
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A Great Benefit of Having a Universal Church

It seems clear that God is permitting a loss of the Universal Catholic Faith in one part of the world, while fueling its growth in another. The growth is seen in the Southern Hemisphere and the loss of faith in the Northern Hemisphere, where…

Outdoor Weddings and the Theology of Encounter

In an effort to integrate young Catholic couples into the parish community and educate them in the Faith, Bishop George Leo Thomas of the Diocese of Helena has decided to allow some weddings to take place at suitable outdoor locations, provided…
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A New Type of Seminarian?

It’s now a little more than three years since the world was introduced to Pope Francis. It has been a fascinating, engaging and, at times, somewhat bumpy ride for many. The world’s increased interest level in the Catholic Church because…

Roles for Women in the Church

In light of what we have recently been hearing from Pope Francis regarding certain aspects of the Church’s life, the issue of the role of women in the Catholic Church will surely continue to be in the news. In the past week, I have seen saw…